# 70: Authentic Vietnamese Cuisine in Chinatown

I managed to survive in Thailand for 2 years without trying any Vietnamese food as I had a stubborn belief that only Vietnam serves the best and the most authentic Vietnamese food… Thankfully, that belief has been changed when I moved to Singapore 2 years ago… it was all because of  Yummy Viet restaurant on Smith Street!

They really serve authentic Vietnamese food here, not to mention that the chef and all the waitresses are from Vietnam too. You can’t get more Vietnamese than this!

My favorite dishes are spicy beef noodles (you can ask for non-spicy one if you can’t take spicy food like me!), spring rolls & egg cake + pork chop rice! The pork BBQ noodle is also very good! I often come here, esp. when I am sick, just for some comfort food… they really made me feel much better and miss home less I guess!

I have taken lots of friends there and they all loved this restaurant! I believe you will too… give it a try… Vietnamese food rocks :)

Yummy Viet restaurant

28 Smith Street, Chinatown


Spicy Beef Noodles

Spring Rolls