#72: “Semi-hiking” @ MacRitchie Reservoir

It’s been a while (1,5 month) that I have had a chance to update my blog. Tet (Vietnamese New Year), travel, work have just been enjoying these 6 weeks too much…

Anyway, I decide to revive my little project called “1001thingstodoinSingapore” (translation: I will try to do at least one new thing in Singapore every week, be it visiting a new place, eating/cooking a new dish, seeing a new place or simply just meeting some new friend :) with the hope that this blog will be updated more frequently as I just only need to have another 930 more posts (this post included) to complete 1001thingstodoinSingapore!

When my friend asked me to join them for hiking at MacRitchie Reservoir (only now I can pronounce this name correctly, travel does help make you smarter! :), I said yes right away as I had never been to this reservoir, esp. to the treetop walk and also because I wanted to get myself back (slowly) to the exercise routine.

Well, the bad news was that the treetop walk was closed for maintenance until Apr but the good news was that since I had never been to this place before, I had no expectation whatsoever and hence it was the best thing ever, just go with the flow and let myself be surprised and wowed from one thing to the other.

The walk was quite easy and pleasant thanks to the lovely weather (the sun decided to sleep in on Sunday morning!). The scenery was just so magnificent and tranquil. 

There were 2 incidents that are worth mentioning here. Firstly, it was the conversation among our “United Nation” friends (because non of us are from Singapore) when we saw a turtle in the lake (do you call it a lake or a river in the reservoir?). Here is how it went:

A (Thai friend): Look! There is a turtle over there!

B (Japanese friend): Ohhh, kame (turtle in Japanese)

C (Vietnamese - Me): I see, so you call it “kame” in Japanese!

D (Filipino friend): We call it “food” in Philippines!

Really, I laughed for the good few minutes after hearing the very witty yet real answer from my Filipino friend (Vietnamese sometimes call it “food” too actually!)

Secondly, there was a sign saying “Don’t feed the monkey” when we were about to enter the reservoir. I thought well, it was just another sign telling you not to do something in Singapore but guess what, few kms later, we saw a man carrying a yellow plastic bag walking in the opposite direction and right away, there was a monkey trying to snatch the bag from him as he thought it was the banana. The man tried to fight back but this monkey never gave up and also believed very much in team work, he asked his friends (about 8 of them) to join him so the poor man had to let go his bag with the bread inside! Wow, what a scene! Thing I learned today: Follow the sign (as there is a reason they put it up the first place!)

We only walked for about 2 hours but it was really a great walk and for sure I will come back hopefully few more times before the treetop walk opens again in April. This time, I might leave my phone at home as I realize I spent too much time “instagraming” so many pictures… but hey, maybe not…Instagram does make me pay more attention to details and enjoy fully what nature offer us… well, I will let you know next time :-)

Meanwhile, have an awesome week ahead everyone and see you in my next post (hopefully soon!)