# 71: New Year on the rooftop

It was my second year in Singapore but it was the very first time I celebrated new year here so I was not so sure what to expect except that I knew that there would be fireworks and it’s impossible to get a cab until the next morning.

I was lucky to be surround with all good friends and we all gathered on the rooftop for the countdown. We knew for sure that we wouldn’t be able to see the fireworks since we were only on the 4-storey-building and in front of us there was a humongous hotel (at least 30-storey high) blocking our view for the fireworks. It didn’t prevent us from going to the rooftop for the countdown and see some reflections of the fireworks on the hotel though.

Guess what, things are always way better when you least expect! It turned out that we still could see some fireworks (real one, not the reflections) from a specific angle…. It was really awesome! Neither did we have to travel all the way to Orchard Road or Marina Bay for the countdown with millions of people nor did we need to wait until the next morning for the cab home….

We got just everything we need from our rooftop… awesome drinks (including water :), delicious food (including yummy tasty Swiss hand-made and organic chocolate & scrumptious 1st-time-baked chocolate cake), amazing view, great weather, wonderful companion (Wrinkles) and the most important thing was that we were there with our most special friend(s)….it’s the most important element I believe! 

2 days before New Year I got a chance to catch up with a very good friend and he told me something that became “Thing I learned today” for me. It was “Whom you are with matters, where you are doesn’t”. I couldn’t agree with this more….

You realize that there is no picture for this post (sorry for making you disappointed in case you expect some amazing fireworks photos here) as sometimes, the best photo is the one you keep in your mind, not the one taken even by the most hi-tech, expensive camera… 

Happee New Year everyone…